Looks aren't everything, but they certainly matter. Especially when it comes to your ride. Fortunately, Jeep Renegade handles like a champ and looks like an outback celebrity, with exterior features that go from Dixon, IL to a national park in a heartbeat.

A Facelift for a Favorite Super-Ride

Jeep Renegade's newly redesigned fascia includes a grille with a revised silhouette, restyled openings, and vents. The result is a classically sporty look as well as enhanced front-end ventilation and cooling of under-hood components. Front-end cooling goes a long way toward preserving engine health and keeping your engine working properly. It's a perfect marriage between aesthetics and function.

A Humble But Stiff Upper Lip

In addition to an overhauled grille, Jeep Renegade's renewed fascia boasts an upward curl. The upward curl increases undercarriage clearance, letting you overtake challenging vertical angles, enormous off-road humps and diverse outback terrain without scratching or bumping the Jeep Renegade undercarriage. Red tow hooks pull a bunch as they enhance the overall sporty look.

To truly experience all that Jeep Renegade offers, you must pop into Ken Nelson Auto Plaza and ask for a test drive. We can't wait to meet you.

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