Every one of us at Ken Nelson Auto Plaza knows how important safety is on the road. You can't go anywhere unless safety is met. That is why we stand by the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid in all its glory; safety features are plentiful in this minivan hybrid. Have fun on a road trip or wherever you are going in this popular vehicle. The Pacifica Hybrid is ready when you are.

Hit the Road

Start with your everyday driving needs. You're always going to have to park your Pacifica Hybrid once the driving is done for that moment. Parksense Front and Rear assist offers you a chance to be redeemed if you accidentally fail to see an object. These options offer a terrific view to make all aspects of parking easier.

Collision warning technology is always a nice thing. Thankfully, the Pacifica Hybrid comes with Forward Collision Warning with active braking. What this means is that the vehicle will assist in driving with both audible and visual forward collision warning sensors, even braking automatically if need be. The hybrid is perfect for the streets of Dixon. Come find the belief with a test drive.



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