The Jeep Compass, often considered one of the best and most popular compact SUVs, has a solid, powerhouse construction of high-grade steel that sits on the strength of 16- to19-inch aluminum alloy wheels. The tires are thick-treaded and perfect for all terrains, from mountain ranges and sandy shorelines, to daily commutes on highways or rocky backroads.

For drivers who love options, the Jeep Compass exterior can be optimized with seven design choices to match and accommodate your drive styles. In the same breath, you can also choose your color from eight tones, like white, spitfire orange, and billet silver. As for handy safety gadgets, the exterior sensors assist with reverse parking and highway navigation.

For many, the Jeep Compass has proven itself as a go-to for both daily errands and spur-of-the-moment road trips. You can take a test drive and gain firsthand experience with a Compass at Ken Nelson Auto Plaza.



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