Chrysler 300 Gets New Life With Tech Overhaul

A top-to-bottom tech overhaul gives the new Chrysler 300 the capabilities of a futuristic smart car. The extremely popular, full-sized luxury sedan retains the svelte silhouette and plush interior that made it famous, but its new tech puts in on track to be an ahead-of-trend class-leader. Here's why.

UConnect is Chrysler's dynamic infotainment platform. The UConnect app paired with SiriusXM Guardian imparts a host of multi-faceted talents to the Chrysler 300. The app puts the power of remote access at your fingertips. Lock and unlock your doors remotely. Turn on the AC or turn on the heat long before you settle into the driver's seat, or flash the lights and honk the horn from anywhere.

Morning work commutes are the best times for early business calls and setting up appointments. Chrysler 300's hands-free calling dials numbers at the command of your voice while also reading texts aloud and letting you respond to them by voice. Stop by Ken Nelson Auto Plaza today for a test drive, and discover everything that the Chrysler 300 has to offer.



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