Smooth Engine and Overall Great Performance With the Ram ProMaster

One of the types of rides that people are looking for with their vehicles is a smooth ride. One has to think about all of the factors that go into how smooth a ride is going to be. When it comes to the Ram ProMaster, there are a lot of factors that have been taken care of which is why we have chosen the Ram ProMaster for our Ken Nelson Auto Plaza lot.

The Ram ProMaster has the 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine which gives it the power needed to carry a lot of items and tow heavy items. It also has other advanced technologies to make for a smooth ride.

One thing that you are going to notice is the 6-speed transmission which has been designed for smooth shifting. Therefore, you will get to experience small changes in gears which will make the acceleration seem smoother. When you take the vehicle for a test drive, you will see what it has to offer.



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