How To Give Your Car's Engine A Deep Clean

We here at Ken Nelson Auto Plaza want you to be an informed car owner. Cleaning the interior of your car may be straightforward, but there's another area that can use a clean-up, too: your car's engine. Here are some steps you can take to clean the engine.

Firstly, pick a warm, dry day to clean. Flip the hood up and allow it to cool briefly before you get to work. Don't be surprised if you see many layers of dirt and grime. This kind of buildup happens. Remove any plastic covers under the hood and cover electrics like the car's battery. Then get down to business with a de-greaser. Rinse with a power washer or hose, and dry either with compressed air or a rag. Take off any covers you put on the engine's electrical parts, and reinstall the battery's negative terminal. Now you are ready to roll with a clean engine.



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